Hi I am David. I create web experiences

It was 2001 when I started digging into web development. My passion ever since: Creating something that people love using - users, clients and developers.

The desire to go into details of programming and user experience to gain more and more expertise is probably equally reflected in my passion for cooking.


Tech Skills

I am a Frontend Engineer. That means my expert knowledge is substantially grounded in everything around JS, HTML and CSS.*

However I have a strong background in frontend-unrelated technologies such as: PHP, SQL/NoSQL, Docker, Java, Android SDK, C# (Unity3D).

* Webpack / Gulp, NodeJS, RAML / Swagger, Profilers, A11y / WCAG Tools etc.

History & Philosophy

I have always been interested in details of how things work: I deconstructed stuff when I was a child.

At the age of 11 I read SelfHTML. Until I reached 18 I had freelanced for several agencies. In this time I developed custom user-facing CMS, a medium scale CRM as well as different individual projects.

I studied informatics at the age of 20 to deepen my experience with algorithms and maths to go deeper than just the surface and, there, finally fell in love with Usability Engineering as integral part of the web.

I love to deliver high quality output. Instead of treating discomfort I want to deliver customer experiences that make you feel comfortable.

What I've worked on:

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MBB Financial Calculator

Going beyond common is when you turn an advertising agency into an app factory with dailies within a small-scale team to deliver awesome output in a short period of time  ✌️ .
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    Frontend Lead
    JvM Neckar GmbH
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    Mercedes-Benz Bank

The team met every morning to not only discuss the tasks for the day but also to find the best-fitting solution - multidisciplinary. This enabled parallel working, no waiting phases, no waterfall process.

In its field it was the first fully responsive fluid application at this time.

This was rewarded with the German Digital Award 🏆 Deutscher Digital Award.

ITS Travel e-commerce

You have a well-running e-commerce travel company realizing the current state of the web is responsive - big time. The mission: Recreating the whole system from scratch in a few months - completely compatible to Internet Explorer 9 🤭. What seems to be a task to take multiple dozens of people only took a few - thanks to the agile, parallel development.
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    Frontend Lead
    / JvM Neckar GmbH
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Back in the days the smartphone was just a secondary device complementing the computer. In the year 2015 smartphones were established as primary device for many people whereas the computer became the extension as a secondary device. Tables turned.

Because of the sheer size of options you get with travel booking Desktop usage was still a common thing but nevertheless people tended to look up on mobile first. To cover mobile users websites often created an exclusive "mobile only" page instead of a responsive one. its.de was actually one of the few that developed a complete responsive e-commerce travel website. The so-called "thumbbar" is intended to give the user the search options exactly where the thumb sits.

On the development side we had to cover a big variety of browsers. We implemented a minimal custom framework that allowed us to test changes within seconds without deployment effort.

Nodus Medical Prototype

Bring together air force, expert surgeons and a developer and get the first step to improve medical tasks. Together with nodus medical I provided the basis of the next generation treatment and augmented surgery. Improved efficiency and less stress for doctors whilst having improved caretaking for patients.
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    Concept, Design & Development / Freelance
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    Nodus Medical

It's completely normal for humans to fail. In fact the more experience the more routine smeaks in and the higher the risk of being unaware. The impact of false actions is bigger in areas such as transportation or surgery than if a bakery simply forgot to put sugar in its sweets. International airspace wouldn't work if not every pilot was trained to act the same way - no matter if there is an emergency or not. Airspace is highly controlled and every extraordinary event might be internationally discussed to establish newer standards.

However this is not true for the medical sector. Exactly this is what Nodus Medical is taking actions on.

By providing digitally assisted surgery task management and emergency management errorneus actions are avoided or brought down to minimal impact.

My task was to create a surgeon assistance system with the following requirements:

  • Intuitive usage
  • Minimal UI leveraging the use in stressful environments
  • Remote controlled (e.g. Foot Pedal as the surgeon does not have free hands)
  • Emergency support
  • Creation of after-surgery reports / feedback
  • Synchronization with other clients
  • OS independent

I started off by creating wireframe-based concepts with Adobe XD. After having confirmed the functionality and UI structure through the concept I immediately started to design via code by implementing a UI Kit first. This allowed me to avoid double work as the concept did all of the necessary ground work.

Codewise the implementation was done as Progressive Web Application which allowed the biggest freedom in terms of functionality and device usage.