I amDavid.I create web experiences

It was 2001 when I started digging into web development. My passion ever since: Creating something that people love using - users, clients and developers.

The desire to go into details of programming and user experience to gain more and more expertise is probably equally reflected in my passion for cooking.


Tech Skills

I am a Frontend Engineer. That means my expert knowledge is substantially grounded in everything around JS, HTML and CSS.

However I have a strong background in frontend-unrelated technologies such as: PHP, SQL/NoSQL, Docker, Java, Android SDK, C# (Unity3D).

* Webpack / Gulp, NodeJS, RAML / Swagger, Profilers, A11y / WCAG Tools etc.

History & Philosophy

I have always been interested in details of how things work: I deconstructed stuff when I was a child.

At the age of 11 I read SelfHTML. Until I reached 18 I had freelanced for several agencies. In this time I developed custom user-facing CMS, a medium scale CRM as well as different individual projects.

I studied informatics at the age of 20 to deepen my experience with algorithms and maths to go deeper than just the surface and, there, finally fell in love with Usability Engineering as integral part of the web.

I love to deliver high quality output. Instead of treating discomfort I want to deliver customer experiences that make you feel comfortable.